August the 8th-20th, Dolomites Digital Camp by H-Farm in Borca

Thanks to the newly forged collaboration between H-FARM and Progettoborca in August the Digital Summer Camp is moving inside the former Eni Village.

During the two Camping weeks, kids aged 10 to 15 will become the main leads of the Village itself, and will be called to explore, enhance and reinvent it. A wonderful occasion, this one, to experiment with the tools of the digitals, while interacting with art and nature.

Through activities of geocaching those taking place in the Camp will make direct contact with the location, and will discover its secrets and stories. Like small artisans, they’ll dabble in the process of guided artistic creation, letting the surrounding setting inspire them and collaborating with the artists currently taking part in the Residency program. Here they’ll tinker, create 3D models, learn to use simple electronic components (LittleBits) able to connect the physical and virtual worlds, or will have fun recreating the environment around them in the virtual world of Minecraft.

For two weeks, then, kids and young adults will have the opportunity to live a unique experience, in touch with nature and dedicated to experimentation and discovery.


Find out more about the Dolomites Digital Camp here and here.

Info and bookings:
H-CAMPUS/H-FARM via Sile, 41
31056 Roncade (Tv)

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