Dolomites digital camp, two weeks among technology, art and nature

The Summer Camp by H-CAMPUS inside the former Eni Village of Borca di Cadore from the 8th to the 20th of August 2016. Part of the available spots are reserved for people coming from the Cadore and Belluno areas.

H-Campus di H-Farm at the Village

Two weeks surrounded by the woods of the Dolomites to mix art, nature and digital, among 3D printers, high tech scavenger hunts and design thinking.

This summer H-CAMPUS raises in altitude thanks to the collaboration with Dolomiti Contemporanee e Minoter, inside Progettoborca, carrying out a Dolomites Digital Camp in Borca di Cadore: an experience of digital labs in environment, among nature, art and design.

H-CAMPUS is the innovative educational training project for kids and young adults developed by H-Farm, the platform of digital innovation and startup incubator launched in 2005 by Riccardo Donadon.

This edition of the H-CAMPUS Digital Camp takes advantage of H-FARM’s experience in the educational training of the youngest: with this sixth edition approaching, the program offered has been extended to cover the whole summer (from June the 13th to September the 2nd) and giving to more than a thousand kids and young adults the possibility to experience this unique event.

Through its partnership with Dolomiti Contemporanee, H-CAMPUS will take place outside the historic headquarters of Cà Tron in Roncade:  this time, the immersion will, in fact, occur, in the exceptional environmental context of Belluno’s Dolomites.

Here, in 2014, Dolomiti Contemporanee and Minoter have launched Progettoborca, an articulate regenerative platform operating for the cultural enchancement and the functional regeneration of this site, which is so important and meaningful.

And in this very site, to this day representing a unique case of social and business vision and culture, DC and H-FARM, two different projects with an outlook towards innovation, research and concrete projective vision in common, have decided to begin a meaningful collaboration, through the H-CAMPUS labs.

Dolomiti Digital Camp

During the second and third weeks of August, the Dolomiti Digital Camp will find home in the structures of the former ENI Village of Borca di Cadore.

Taking advantage of the environmental and artistic splendour of the site, the kids involved will be able to seize some spaces inside the Village and to re-think them thanks to the digital labs, to the tools of thinking design and to the workshops with the artists taking part in the project.

The kids will be supported by the teachers and tutors of H-CAMPUS, to bring them closer to a new way of exploring and enhancing the location they’re in through geocaching activities, a treasure hunt 3.0, where the GPS replaces written notes. They will get in contact with the artists currently in-residence who will be involved in the workshop, to stimulate their creativity and expressive abilities through tinkering, bringing forgotten and recovered objects back to life. They will discover how nature and digital can get in touch: moulding and scanning in 3Dimensions; learning to use simple electronic components (LittleBits) able to connect the physical and virtual world; using Minecraft to bring the Village inside the popular videogame.

It is possible to completely immerse oneself in the adventure of the Dolomiti Digital Camp stying overnight in the structures of the former Eni VIllage, but also to choose the day option, getting there in the morning to attend the labs and then go back home for the night. That is because a quota of the available spots is reserved for the people living close by.

For more info on the Digital Summer Camps program, and on the two weeks of Dolomites Digital Camp please refer to the site or write an e-mail to the following address:

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