In this section of the site, the first impressions of those who come to Borca with progettoborca, and explores the Village, discovering it for the first time, or the second one, are collected.
The glimpses are the first ideas springing from the viewing, the exploration, of the Village, with all its surprising marvels.
The glimpses are perfectly subjective: each of them represents the personal perspective of a person on this place, that is still in many of its part, as if frozen, now working on getting moving, once again.
The glimpses are composed of one or more images, and a text, supplied by the person who’s watching. Not one of these glimpses is neutral: there is no need, in Borca, for contemplative, static, nostalgic visions.
This isn’t cinema, nor a morbid spectacle of a decomposing body: it’s a moving “construction site”.
There’s a need for action, now, to rethink this location.
And the glimpses are functional to that: a vision transpires from each of them, one that is always projective, which is not still, but suggests the perspective of a possible movement.
This way, the glimpses are bricks, in the eye of the spirit: each of them cements the relationship that we’ve begun, each of them contributes to the re-imagining of this place, releasing it from the atrophic aesthetic captivity in which it lays, buried, and unearthing its parts, its fragments, its atoms, its flesh.
Artists, curators, thinkers, people who have never been at the Village, or who come back to it after decades: their eyes are open, the watery temperament wets this germinating space, nourishing it.