The Eni Village today. Corte delle Dolomiti. [ITA]
Architecture in Eni’s world. Corte di Cadore‘s holyday centre [ITA]
Edoardo Gellner and the project of the Eni Village. [ITA]
A specific study on the Church of “Nostra Signora del Cadore” [ITA]
“Villaggio Eni. Un Piacevole soggiorno nel futuro” (Eni Village. A pleasant stay in the future) a documentary movie by Davide Maffei [ITA]



Passepartout by Philippe Daverio – the Gellner case – 2009 [ITA]
“Villaggio Eni. Un piacevole soggiorno nel futuro” movie trailer [ITA]

“Un Villaggio per le vacanze” (A village for the holydays) – 1963
Eni’s Summer Camps in Cesenatico and Borca di Cadore

The Prime Minister Segni at the Eni Village – 1959

The Tunisian Prime Minister Bughiba visits the Eni Village

Carosello Supercortemaggiore: Scuola Guida (Driving School) [ITA]
Carosello Supercortemaggiore: il Sarto di classe (The Classy Tailor) [ITA]
Carosello Supercortemaggiore: Don Chisciotte (Don Quixote)  [ITA]
Carosello Supercortemaggiore Agip: Corre giovane (Running Young) [ITA]

(A note from the translator: the “Carosello” was an Italian television advertising show, mainly consisting of short comedic sketches aimed to both entertain and interest people in buying a product. It was aimed at both children and adults, and aired on RAI from 1957 to 1977. In the adverts linked above, the advertising for “supercortemaggiore”, a type of gas commercialized in the 50s and 60s.)



The Mattei Affair, Francesco Rosi – 1972
The Mattei Affair, the war of the petrol – “La storia siamo noi” [ITA]
A meeting with Enrico Mattei (the kitten parable), Gianni Granzotto – 1962 [ITA]



E. Gellner Archive – IUAV Venice [ITA]
Planning and architectural adventures of Enrico Mattei (1953-1962), between projects and business strategy – Graduation Thesis – Dorothea Deschermeier – 2006/07 [ITA]
Gellner Studio – Cortina d’Ampezzo [ITA]
Carlo Scarpa Centre


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