overnight visit at the colonia

October the 24th 2015
9 PM
Colonia, former Eni VIllage of Corte di Cadore
Borca di Cadore


The Colonia, unplugged ever since ’91, now glows again. Photo by Giacomo De Donà

On Saturday, October the 24th, at 9 PM, Dolomiti Contemporanee presents a special event: the first overnight visit to the Colonia of the former Eni VIllage of Borca di Cadore. The Colonia (Eng.: summer camp building) has been alive again for a year, now. More and more so as times goes on, too, thanks to the activities, the projects and the enhancing and refunctionalising strategies activated through the Progettoborca platform. But a year ago, the Colonia was in shambles. The vandals had tormented it for years, breaking in at night, shattering hundreds of glass surfaces and messing with the furniture and original pieces by Gellner that, to this day, fill its spaces. Today, everything has changed, and the Colonia is a huge active location, culturally and creatively, which lives the Space, and makes it live too, while it works for the envisioning of future destinations.

Electricity was missing, in the incredible, tentacular building, ever since 1991. Now it’s come back, DC has turned the Auditorium back on, the central body of the huge organism still in its place: when the Sun goes down, you can see it shine from the Alemagna State Highway. And we’ve given light back to other parts, too: every day, a part of the Colonia is taken back from darkness and oblivion.

And thus, on Saturday, it will be possible to visit some parts of the Colonia, with their nighttime layout. The appointment is set at 9 PM, at the offices of Dolomiti Contemporanee at the Village. It’s necessary to carry a light source (headtorch, flashlight). The accessible spaces of the Colonia, incredibly suggestive at night, will be open to the public until 11 PM. An unprecedented view of this exceptional Space.
It will be possible to access the Colonia on Sunday, October the 25th as well, with the appointment set at 3 PM, once again at DC‘s offices.

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