November 18th. Alpi partecipate (participated Alps), Courmayeur Mont Blanc Foundation




On Wednesday November 18th, 2020, Dolomiti Contemporanee takes part in the online conference promoted by the Courmayeur Mont Blanc Foundation alpi partecipate. montagne in mostra (Participated alps. Mountains on display).

The speech by G. D’incà Levis, ideator and curator of dolomiti contemporanee, is titled Dolomiti Contemporanee, a creative reactivation strategy for heritage and territories.
the meeting is set for 5:30 PM on wednesday november 18th.

The conference focuses on the mountain environment as a place of cultural involvement. the workshop-like nature of the alps eases the cultural approaches of modernity, and the conference, with a new formula, designed to be enjoyed at a distance, proposes a few examples of them.

Three meetings spread out over three different evenings exploring, respectively, the regenerative actions of artistic installations and temporary exhibits in some symbolic locations inside the Dolomites, a cultural device meant for the civic participation inside a huge fort in the alto adige area and a contemporary art museum at the heart of the grisons.

They are places found in the alpine region, and they are characterised by a strong identity despite their location relative to major cities in which architecture takes on the role of an important instrument, useful to create a debate.

The widespread perception, during this complex period of human history, is that the mountain is a safe place from a health standpoint, as it allows for easy distancing.

A different audience typically used to frequenting other destinations and demanding from a cultural point of view as well, could then look at the alps as a way to search for new stimulation and enrichment.


Click here to watch G. D’Incà Levis‘ speech on YouTube. [ITA]

Clock here to rewatch each lecturer’s speech. [ITA]




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