Marco Andrighetto/Jungla

Marco Andrighetto has lived in residence in Borca between August and September 2014.
Wandering for days inside the Colonia (Eng.: summer camp building) and the Village, he pinpointed a series of degraded settings. Time, atmospheric agents, the woods, they all took the Colonia, every day they come inside it, they transform it, they consume it. The woods, in particular, in Borca aren’t gentle: they intrude, wild, almost seemingly to the point of devouring Gellner’s precious architectures, they are devouring them, they are a ravenous Jungle.
The internal surfaces of the Colonia are marked, the plasters are detaching and falling, the colours of organic decay, of the efflorescences and of humidity, come inside Gellner’s clean fields of colour, creating new glimpses and squares: truly nature and architecture seem to merge together, in this contemporary ruin, which now wants to raise again.
The artists captures this metabolism, its transformative aesthetic, and gets inside it, with his action, decisive and mimetic.
The peeling plasters give birth to the flowers of the Jungle: one has to look closesly, sometimes, to locate the wall, or crawl space, gardens, and to make these flowers, which re-organize the entropy of decay into accomplished graphic shapes, bloom.

A water infiltration has seeped through to the Auditorium: the small pools, re-absorbing themselves, have left persistend humid traces on the spectacular linoleum of the hall. From these traces have come to light the already sketched out coils of a large aquatic creature inhabiting Borca’s Jungle: anaconda.



Marco Andrighetto

Primo intervento (Fiore Damascato)
Box cutter, spatula on peeling wall, 32×24 cm, 2014
Colonia, Lower Cabin

Box cutter, spatulas, tweezers on peeling wall, 250×180 cm, 2014
Colonia, Auditorium

Water, pais on corroded linoleum, 500×500 cm, 2014
Colonia, Auditorium

Photos: Marco Andrighetto, Giacomo De DonĂ 
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