Marc Augé in Borca

Marc Augé is visiting Dolomiti Contemporanee‘s open sites.
After the visit in Casso he spent some days in Borca, to explore the former Eni Village.

On Saturday August the 16th he took part in the studio visit of e ultimo venne il bosco, result of a project of artist residence realised by Chiara Bergamo, Gino Blanc and Luka Sirok.

In professor Augé’s own words:
[…] The site of Borca di Cadore is a place that tries to re-live, after rich but concluded experiences.This idea of recommencing something is a fundamentally  aesthetic concept, creator and pragmatist at the same time, because this is about making art in a places that changes its function and that, in a way, resembles a ruin, we don’t know what its use was anymore. Or rather, we know, but it’s a dead thing. And this way of trying to make a place alive again in its current velleities
independently from its past,is something that influences time and history. It’s saving time, by overcoming history. It’s not denying history but trying to consider the fact that it is gone by, that is has a start, an end and a sequel. And this sequel is a renewal, a fresh start. […]


In this video, his impressions on Dolomiti Contemporanee’s project, and on the site of Borca.

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