Guided visits at the Eni Village with DC

Dolomiti Contemporanee periodically organizes explorative visits to the former Eni Village of Borca di Cadore.

During such visits, the project of enhancing and refunctionalizzation of part of the Village’s structures, on which Dolomiti Contemporanee has been working on in the past several months together with the current owners.
The visits are open to artists, curators, gallerists, collectors; please send your e-mails at to get information on the visits and to sign up. The art network isn’t the only one interest to this explorative action: administrators, creative entrepreneurs and managers, cultural operators, researchers, teachers and university researches with links to art, economy, architecture; these and other heterogeneous individuals are invited to Borca, to assess the potential inside the site, to reason on its future perspectives, to connect and launch ideas,considerations, practices.

The Showcase section is going to be updated each time with the next scheduled visits.

It is possible to sign up for the newsletter of progettoborca to be kept up to date with the ongoing activities at the former Eni Village. Please send your contact information at

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