Fabiano De Martin Topranin/Imaginary friend+Imagined trip

Two large busts by Fabiano De Martin Topranin dominate, since November the 8th 2014, inside the large building-city-maze of the Colonia (Eng.: summer camp building). The powerful loneliness of the two characters, trapped in unmovable tension, release an echo inside the huge abandoned spaces, which seem to reply to the strong and silent call. In the large hall of the former refectory, stands Imaginary Friend. The introverted psychology of the teenager is reminescent of the back to the forest series‘s sequence of subjects, which were developed by De Martin Topranin back in 2013.
In Imagined Trip, another young man, physically trapped in his own composed shroud, hieratic, seems to emanate a dreamlike wave, which spreads to the structure. Another call, perhaps a quiet sing. The glowing chromatism of the sculpture works off Gellner’s colours on the walls of the ramp.


Fabiano De Martin Topranin

Imaginary Friend
poplar, 160x90x70 cm, 2014
Colonia, Dining Hall

Imagined trip
cedar, acrilic, 130x50x45 cm, 2014
Colonia, corridor

Photos: Giacomo De Donà
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