e ultimo venne il bosco/residence

e ultimo venne il bosco (Eng.: and last came the woods) is the first project of residence activated at the former Eni Village of Borca di Cadore.
Chiara Bergamo, Gino Blanc and Luka Sirok have lived for a couple of weeks at the Village, working in the Capanna Bassa of the Summer Camp Building on a series of artworks which will have as subject the Village itself, the territory, and the Dolomitic environment, the lines of Mount Pelmo and Mount Antelao; it’s about time, let’s say, to see them with the eyes of novelty.
The woods proceed to swallow up the buildings of the Village, concealing them from sight and deconstructing the original iconography (the Village rose on barren ground, practically devoid of vegetation).
The woods came last, and after them only the artists.

On Saturday August the 16th the period of residence of the three artists concluded with a studio visit in which professor Marc Augé took part as well.

After years of abandonment the Summer Camp Building is illuminated once again.
Part of the structure has been taken away from the jaws of inertia.

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