Chiara Bergamo/Perchè sei?

When you get to the village, the six-legged dog is ever-present. Blankets, cups, plates, they all bear its image. You sit down, and it’s there; not where you rest your backside, but on the opposite side, carved in the wood, frozen in that rampant position, not dormant. Inhabitant of time. Linked indissolubly to humans. Chosen as a symbol of genius, it doesn’t have four legs, but six. MORE. More power, more energy, more charge.What has made it survive the most, image that time doesn’t erease. The dog it’s there, the places it lived are there, too. The visionary beauty has felt the heavy advance of the years but, like everything that is “superior”, has waited. Now everything is there, intact. A huge, beautiful colonia, immersed in the woods. An immision in the space, the only inhabitant, the six-legged dog, which can express its MORE only when the human comes. Symbol of genius, how absurd it is, that it remains asleep. The installation that I’ve created is a kind of visual possibility of meeting, a new meeting, between the human and the six-legged dog. Following an imaginary path. In TERRA! the dog, indeed, on the ground (“a terra”), surrounded by tape which defines its current border, representing the Colonia. Above it there’s an open cage, from which it looks to have fallen: it is a symbol of time, in which it is trapped, being it an inhabitant of the infinite. Following that are a few studies on the figure and a first attempt of movement in Studio 1, Studio 2, Studio 3. Then, there’s the Primo incontro (Eng.: first meeting) between dog and human. The human and animal limbs mix in the reflection of a mirror. At a later stage, the dog merges with the territory and starts to take a shape in the space (“Prendere (una) forma”) just to then take possession of it and showing itself to be stronger in the final union: CH’I (Eng.: wh’o). In this sculpture the beast is ready to be shot through by the breath of life but it’s only the human that can turn on its power, through a switch. If this dialogue doesn’t take place the MORE remains dormant and suspended, unused possibility.
Chiara Bergamo

Artworks created between July and November 2014, during the Residence program ed ultimo venne il bosco (Eng.: and last came the woods)


1, 2, 3 TERRA!
variable size, metallic cage, wood, tape, 2014

4 Studio 1, studio 2, studio 3
variable size, wood, paper, metal, fabric, 2014

5 Primo incontro, 
50×50 cm, spray, reflecting surface, 2014

6 Primo incontro, 
50×50 cm, spray, reflecting surface, 2014 (detail)

7 Prendere (una) forma
40×40 cm, stones and oil on canvas, 2014

8 CH’I
variable size, wood, electric light, lamp, polyester, 2014

9, 10 Dalla finestra
50×80 cm, oil on canvas, 2014

Photos: Giacomo De Donà
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