A Walking Conference (by Cose Cosmiche)

Saturday, July the 23rd, 2016, former Eni Village, Borca di Cadore (BL), Italy

From 10.30 AM to 1.30 PM
From 2.30 PM to 7.30 PM

The line is a reference point that shifts
Vincenzo Agnetti

The visible is not an image, it doesn’t function like an image. It’s not what’s in front of us, but what’s all around us, what comes before and after us. (1)

Cose Cosmiche, in collaboration with Dolomiti Contemporanee / Progettoborca, is pleased to invite you to A Walking Conference: an unconventional journey through the former Eni Village in Borca di Cadore.
The act of walking, indeed, allows us to see dynamic lines, song lines that trace the nativee landscape, lines of flight that pierce the landscape’s screen in its most traditional representation, witch’s lines, as Deleuze would say, that drag the thought itself behind the movement of objects [...].(2)
We’ll make our way through former Colonia (Eng.: summer camp building), designed in the 50s by the architect Edoardo Gellner, via the both dispersive and immersive aptitude of the walk. As our thoughts fall in line with our footsteps, we’ll hear from astrophysicists, researchers, and artists as they share their reflections and the details of their latest projects.


Day schedule:

A Walking Conference will take place between 10:30 AM and 7:30 PM.
Thus, during the day, those taking part in the conference will follow the speakers and artists, who will alternate one another in performative and narrative actions, as well as in the presentation of scientific and philosophical themes.
Those who wish to participate must bring their own packed lunch, which will be eaten inside the Colonia‘s park between 1:30 and 2:30 PM.


The gravitational waves’ journey through the universe, Marica Branchesi – astrophysicist, researcher at the University of Urbino, and associated with the INFN of Florence

Building the future of gravitational waves detectors, Jan Harms – Physicist, Marie-Curie researcher at the Urbino University and at associated with the INFN of Florence

The problem of knowledge in Nietzsche and Heisenberg,  Maurizio Guerri – philosopher, researcher at the National Institute for the History of the Liberation Movement in Italy (Insmli) and teacher at the Fine Arts Academy of Brera

Noli me tangere, Sophie Ko Chkheidze – Artist

The dark side of the universe seen by Euclid, Luca Valenziano – astrophysicist at the INAF/IASF institute of Space Astophysics of Bologna

The crisis of criticism today in the swamp of image itself, Maria Giovanna Mancini – Art critic and professor at the Fine Arts Academy of Urbino

23.07.16 | 12:30 | Borca di cadore, Fabrizio Perghem – artist

Circiling Around the Message, Carlo Prelz – I.T. expert and professor both inside and outside the the University of Berna’s department of Sports Science

From the earth to the moon, Pamela Breda – artist

Desire of mine, Enzo Umbaca – Artist


The walk is subject to limited enrolment and a booking must be made to take part in it (the number is limited to 50 participants): please rwrite an e-mail to info@progettoborca.net

A Walking Conference @ Progettoborca is curated by Cose Cosmiche and realized in collaboration with Dolomiti Contemporanee. We’d like to thank the Arthur Cravan Foundation for its support.
Cose Cosmiche is a platform-catalyst of artists, scientists and researchers coming from various fields of expertise willing to reflect and confront with each other on the themes of time, energy and matter. It is curated by Helga Franza and Silvia Hell.

Arthur Cravan Foundation is inspired by the dada performer A. Cravan ed hs the aim of supporting, producing and promoting artistic  ideas and projects thought to be “impossible to realize” and “With No Future”.

1) Jean-Christophe Bailly, Le parti pris des animaux (Eng.: the animals’ bias)

2) Gilles A. Tiberghein in the preface of Walkscapes by Francesco Careri



Here you can find some photos of the event.

Photos: Nicola Noro

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