The Night of the Space Eaters

January 23th 2017, 11.00 pm, Cinema room Colonia former Eni Village, Borca di Cadore / VOID

a 11-hour projection set
no humans allowed
troubles with cold?


A project by Mattia Pajè
A production by Progettoborca / Dolomiti Contemporanee

Movie youtube sci-fi/horror selection by Gianluca D’Incà Levis:

- The Snow Creature, W. Lee Wilder, 1954

- The Brain Eaters, Bruno Vesota, 1958

- Battle Beyond the Sun, 1959, T. Colchart (a.p. F. F. Coppola)

- Battle of the Worlds, Claude Rains, 1961

- The Brain That Wouldn’t Die, Joseph Green, 1964

- The Day Of The Triffids, Steve Sekely, 1963

- The Earth Dies Screaming, Terence Fisher , 1964

- Space: 1999, Another Time, Another Place, David Tomblin, 1974

- Erinnerungen an die Zukunft, Gli Extraterrestri Torneranno, Harald Reinl, 1979

- Frogs, George McCowan, 1972

Thanks to Nathan H. Juran, The Brain from Planet Arous, 1957

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